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About Me

I'm a young upstart artist with Abs of Steel and a Heart of Gold. 
I've worked for Film Companies, Apparel Factories, and Ad Agencies over the years, gathering the skills and talent to set out & make it on my own as a Freelance Graphic Artist.  In my spare time I enjoy Pole Dancing, Martial Arts, Heavy Metal, Video Games, and Coffee.  Here's a brief list of small business clients
I have worked with, check them out!



I have worked professionally as a Motion Graphics Designer for over 10 years.  I've designed plenty of DVD, Bluray and iTunes menus for Universal Studios, Disney Home Entertainment, Fox Studios, HBO, Paramount Pictures, and Sony Pictures. 




  • Universal Monsters Collection: Featuring The Wolf Man | The Mummy | The Invisible Man | Dracula | The Phantom of the Opera

  • Alfred Hitchcock Masterpiece Collection: Featuring  Rear Window | The Birds | Marnie | Topaz |The Man Who Knew Too Much | Saboteur | Trouble With Harry | Torn Curtain | Family Plot

  • Disney's Frozen and Frozen Sing Along, localized into multiple languages.

  • Wolf of Wall Street | 50 Shades of Gray | Monty Python's Meaning of Life | Search Party | Taken 3 | Silicon Valley | Monster High - various episodes | And many, many more.

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